05. October 2009

ndF: and Beta Film launch children's film production company WUNDERWERK

Cannes, 5 October 2009. The ndF: and Beta Film are pooling their activities in the children's and youth sector in a joint company. As communicated at the TV trade fair MipCom in Cannes on Monday, WUNDERWERK - to which ndF: brings its children's film productions - produces live-action and animated films and series for theater and TV. Beta Film distributes the  WUNDERWERK productions internationally under its new label WUNDERBOX.

Among the new WUNDERWERK projects being presented at MipCom are the animated series The Wild Soccer Bunch (13x22') based on the bestsellers by Joachim Masannek, which have sold four million copies in Germany alone. The series revolves around the toughest and most dangerous football tournament in the world - and about all the things that are important to children: friendship, trust, betrayal, love, jealousy and hope.

Also in preparation are the second feature film and the TV series centering on Princess Lillifee (1x70', 26x11'). The pink fairy has turned into one of the most successful merchandising brands in all of Europe in the past years, and drawn nearly a million viewers into theaters in Germany alone.

Tiger Team - The Mountain of 1,000 Dragons (1x90') is a live-action movie adaptation of the hit books by Austrian author Thomas Brezina, which have a broad fan base among six- to nine-year-olds. The three detectives Biggi, Patrick and Luk are on a dangerous search for the elixir of eternal life. Tiger Team - The Mountain of 1,000 Dragons is currently in postproduction; an animated series (26x11') is also planned.

Also in the WUNDERWERK pipeline is the animated movie version of Mozart's The Magic Flute (1x70'), one of the world's most famous operas. The bestseller The Little Medic (1x70') by Dietrich Grönemeyer forms the basis of an animated feature film in 3D stereoscopy, which sends young viewers on a journey into the human body. Also in preproduction is the animated series Trenk, The Little Knight (13x22'). Set in the Middle Ages, it is about a peasant boy who sets out with his piglet to become a knight. The series is based on the books by the famous children's book author Kirsten Boie.

WUNDERWERK will continue the proven coproduction structure of the past and also enter into partnerships and realize productions with partners such as CaligariFilm, Family Pictures, BlueEyes, Zeitsprung, Trikk17 and others. The General Manager of WUNDERWERK is Frank Piscator, who is responsible for children's and youth productions at ndF:

Frank Piscator, ndF:/WUNDERWERK: "I am very delighted that in WUNDERWERK we can systematically continue the excellent collaboration that we have built up with Beta Film over the years. Thanks to Beta's international network, we will be in an even better position to offer our broadcasting and production partners financing and production concepts for large and exceptional projects in the future."

Eric Welbers, Beta Film: "New contents are the groundwork of Beta Film's activity. WUNDERWERK and WUNDERBOX allow us to market productions for an age group ranging from "Moonbeam Bear" fans to "Tiger Team" viewers through all channels of exploitation."

In Cannes, WUNDERBOX, which also distributes films and series by other partners next to the WUNDERWERK productions, is presenting the animated series Chi-Ro - The Secret (26x22', 1x90'). With the help of a magic time cube, a girl travels back to Biblical times to save her father and the Scriptures.

The animated series Little Dodo (26x5') is about a little monkey who finds a violin in the primeval forest and makes all kinds of mischief with this "thingy." Little Dodo is based on the world-famous children's books by Hans de Beer. Directed by Oscar winner and Academy member Florian Baxmeyer, the crime series for youths, The Three Investigators and the Secret of Terror Castle (1x97') was shot in English with an international cast, and is the second film about the three young detectives Jupiter, Bob and Peter. The three boys have to decode a mysterious video message which leads them to a spooky castle. The books of the "Three Investigators" series have been translated into 30 languages and have sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.

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