24. September 2007

Rex is back!

At MIPCOM 2007 (8 to 12 October) in Cannes, Beta Film resumes one of the most successful TV franchises in the world and offers international buyers the ninth season of "Rex – A Cop's Best Friend" (8 x 50', further episodes in preparation). To date, the previous eight seasons with altogether 123 episodes have been sold in over 100 countries around the world and scored spectacular ratings. In Italy (RAI 1) up to seven million viewers on average tuned in, in France (France 2) the canine raked up a market share of 36% and in Spain “Rex “won his time slot week after week with an average market share of more than 20 %. He also has countless fans in Iceland, Russia, Romania, Australia, Mexico, Norway and Vietnam. 

The new season was filmed from January to June 2007 under the direction of Marco Serafini (Barbara Wood's "House of Harmony"). German shepherd Rex goes criminal hunting in Vienna and Rome with his new partner Lorenzo Fabbri (Kaspar Capparoni, "Il Sole Nero"). Beta Film produced the new episodes in collaboration with "Rex" creator Peter Hajek in cooperation with RAI, ORF and Telecinco.

At the center is, of course, the intelligent and courageous canine cop who tracks down every perp with his unerring instinct and boundless energy. The well-known American animal trainer Teresa Ann Miller ("Lethal Weapon 3?, “A Dog Named Beethoven") is once again responsible for Rex's spectacular tricks, as in the first eight seasons. 

In addition to film and TV star Kaspar Capparoni, "Rex" features Martin Weinek ("Rex – A Cop's Best Friend," 1999-2004), Fritz Karl ("Grave Decisions," "The Crown Prince"), Denise Zich ("Heavyweights"), Pilar Abella ("War and Peace"), Fabio Ferri ("El Alamein – The Line of Fire") and Remo Girone ("Heaven"). 

The storylines: The unsolved case of a murdered Austrian citizen takes Rome inspector Lorenzo Fabbri to Vienna. At the Vienna police headquarters, he meets Rex, who has not had a partner in years and yearns for the good old days. Rex is immediately taken in with Fabbri, who takes him along in search of the killer. Once they have cleared up the case, Rex follows his new friend to Rome. Although he has to get used to tramezzini and pizza instead of his beloved sausage sandwiches, the Austrian dog and the dashing inspector are soon a rock-solid team. They solve crimes in the Roman art world and the Chinese Mafia. They uncover the double life of a noted top manager, and clear up the puzzling case of an abused boy and the mysterious kidnapping of a millionaire's daughter.