13. October 2008

Beta Film sells new season “Rex – A Cop’s Best Friend” to France 2


Cannes, 13 October 2008. Beta Film has sold its latest season of the successful TV-series "Rex - A Cop's Best Friend" as well as the re-run rights for 123 episodes to France. Beta Film announced in Cannes on Monday that France 2 is acquiring the tenth season (10 x 45') which is still in post-production. For years now, "Rex" has had a loyal fan base in France and has been enjoying market shares of up to 36 percent. The series has been running in re-runs almost without interruption on France 2 since 1997.

"Rex - A Cop's Best Friend" has been sold to over 110 countries and is one of the most successful series in the world. The program was dubbed into nine languages, including Chinese, Vietnamese and Hungarian. The captivating charm of the German shepherd, who moved from Vienna to Rome, and the exciting criminal cases have ensured record-breaking ratings all over the world. The new seasons featuring Italian investigator Kaspar Capparoni have already been aired successfully on Rai Uno and Antena 3. "Rex" returns to German screens (ZDF) in the coming year. Shooting for the eleventh season will start in spring 2009.