04. April 2006

Beta Film sells "Dresden - The Inferno" to Great Britain

Cannes, 4 April 2006. The teamWorx/EOS hit production Dresden – The Inferno will soon be seen in Great Britain. The international licensor of film and TV rights Beta Film sold the two-part miniseries about the destruction of Dresden to the British free-TV station Channel 4. Dresden – The Inferno is thus one of the few German productions to have made their way onto British TV.

Dresden – The Inferno was also sold to France and Spain. In France, the pay-TV channel Canal + had concluded a contract long before the start of the shooting; the free-TV rights have now been acquired by public broadcaster France 2. In Spain, the commercial broadcaster Telecinco acquired the event production. And in Italy, Dresden – The Inferno the partner is RAI Cinema.

  The ZDF two-parter garnered record ratings at its premier broadcast in Germany on 5 and 6 March. Up to 13 million viewers followed the dramatic love story of the German nurse Anna (Felicitas Wolf) and the British bomber pilot Robert (John Light) against the background of the Allied bombardment of the city just a few weeks before the end of the war. By presenting both the German and British perspectives, director Roland Suso Richter (The Tunnel, The I Inside) thus shot the first historically accurate film about the destruction of the city. Dresden is produced by teamworx and EOS in co-production with the ZDF.

  In March, the British broadcaster Channel 4 successfully aired "Downfall," Oliver Hirschbiegel's film about Adolf Hitler's last days. "Downfall" scored a market share of about 12 percent, which is an exceptionally good result for a German language film in Great Britain.