10. January 2013

Beta’s HOTEL ADLON – A FAMILY SAGA scores record ratings with over 25,5 million over three nights

Munich, 10 January 2013. Beta’s new epic six hour drama series HOTEL ADLON – A FAMILY SAGA about the world-famous Berlin luxury hotel at the Brandenburg Gate has scored sensational ratings in Germany, winning each prime time and leaving prestigious programs such as Tatort, the German version of American Idol and Navy CIS far behind. On its three nights (Jan 6., 7., 9.), HOTEL ADLON – A FAMILY SAGA reached 8.5 million viewers in average per night on ZDF, reaching a market share of 24 percent. The younger audience also tuned in, giving the opulent family saga an excellent market share of 13 percent in the target group 14-49 years, almost doubling the channel’s average. HOTEL ADLON – A FAMILY SAGA, produced by Oliver Berben’s “Moovie - the art of entertainment” and Constantin Film, centers around one of the grandest of the world’s grand hotels. It is an epic story of two families of strong personalities whose fates are tightly interwoven over four generations with the legendary first-class hotel which reflects a hundred years of world history. Directed by Uli Edel (“The Baader Meinhof-Complex”), HOTEL ADLON – A FAMILY SAGA stars Josefine Preuß, Heino Ferch (“Munich 72”, “Downfall”), Marie Bäumer (“The Counterfeiters”) and Burghart Klaußner (“The White Ribbon”).

Beta Film recently celebrated the success of another lavish hotel series, the Spanish GRAND HOTEL. The series (25xone hour episodes), running on Spain’s Anenta 3 and also on Sky in UK, was praised by the British media as “Spanish Downton Abbey” and has been the recipient of a variety of Spanish National TV Academy awards including Best Actress, Best Director of Photography and Best Set Design for a drama.