Die Zirkusprinzessin

Emmerich Kálmán (1882-1953) ranks next to Franz Lehár as one of the leading
representatives of the "Silver Era" of the operetta, which was stamped
above all by the works of the Austro-Hungarian cultural sphere, and which
followed the classical period of the Viennese operetta. Kálmán's
"Herbstmanöver", premiered at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna in 1908,
immediately confirmed the young composer's talent for this genre. The roots
of the phenomenal originality of his melodies lie in his love of Hungarian
gypsy music and his natural affinity for the Viennese waltz tradition,
which characterize such musically original, international successes as the
operettas "The Czardas Princess" (1915) and "Countess Maritza" (1924).
Kálmán emigrated to America in 1939 but returned to Europe after the War
and died in Paris on 30 October 1953. Beginning in the 1920s, he
increasingly incorporated elements of modern dance music into his stage
works. Particularly worthy of mention among his other successful works are
"Die Bajadere" (1921), "The Circus Princess" (1926) and "Das Veilchen vom
Montmartre" (1930).

Composer: Emmerich Kálmán
Title: Die Zirkusprinzessin
Conductor: Werner Schmidt-Boelcke
Staged By: Manfred R. Köhler
Soloist: Ingeborg Hallstein, Rudolf Schock, Isy Orén, Peter Karner, Jane Tilden, Ernst Waldbrunn
Set: Horst Hennicke
Orchestra: Symphonieorchester Kurt Graunke
Video Director: Manfred R. Köhler
Genre: Operetta
Length: 111 minutes
Cat.No.: A05001555
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This production is released on DVD by Dreamlife in Japan.