Der Zigeunerbaron (The Gipsy Baron)

Next to "Die Fledermaus", "The Gypsy Baron" is Johann Strauss's most
popular operetta. The libretto gave Strauss the chance to revel in such
contrasting musical forms as the csárdás and the Viennese waltz. The style
of the lied forms and ensembles is so original and finely balanced that the
"Gypsy Baron" can truly be called a comic opera. Among the leading names of
the stellar cast are Wolfgang Brendel, Ivan Rebroff, Janet Perry, Ellen
Shade, Martha Mödl and, in his debut role, Siegfried Jerusalem as Sándor

Composer: Johann Strauß Jr.
Title: Der Zigeunerbaron (The Gipsy Baron)
Conductor: Kurt Eichhorn
Staged By: Arthur Maria Rabenalt
Soloist: Siegfried Jerusalem, Iwan Rebroff, Ellen Shade, Janet Perry, Wolfgang Brendel, Martha Mödl
Set: Theo Harisch
Orchestra: Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart
Chorus: Südfunk-Chor Stuttgart
Video Director: Arthur Maria Rabenalt
Genre: Operetta
Length: 97 minutes
Cat.No.: A05004541
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The DVD is also released by Dreamlife in Japan.