Wölfe, Die

No War or Wall will divide them

Title: Wölfe, Die
Genre: Drama
Length: 3 x two hours minutes
Cat.No.: A 055 12485 0000
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International Emmy Award for “Wolves of Berlin”
Munich, 24 Nov 2009. Beta's Miniseries Wolves of Berlin has been honoured with an International Emmy Award as Best TV-Movie/Miniseries.

Emmy Nomination for Wolves of Berlin
Miniseries "Wolves of Berlin" has been nominated for the Emmy...

“Wolves of Berlin” wins three German TV Awards
The Beta Film mini-series Wolves of Berlin is the big winner at this fall’s German TV Award ceremony...

"Wolves of Berlin" awarded Best Mini Series in Monte Carlo
The Mini Series "Wolves of Berlin" won in Monte Carlo...

"Arguably the most penetrating fictional portrait ever of the post-war era, of the fatherless fathers of the Federal Republic of Germany. [...] The grandiose TV three-parter is the story of youths who practice survival in 1948 Berlin in order to forge their later destinies in the 'Land of the Economic Miracle.' This generation [...] has never been depicted more vividly or dazzlingly." DER SPIEGEL.