Swedish soprano Iréne Theorin gives an impressive role debut as Elektra,
just as Wagner singer Waltraud Meier as Klytämnestra. They are
complemented by Eva-Maria Westbroek's Chrysothemis and René Pape's
Orest. In his interpretation of Strauss' one-act masterpiece, conductor
Daniele Gatti explores the radical side of the Expressionist score, while
not neglecting the late 19th-century lyricism either. His musical vision
harmonizes perfectly with the forbidding atmosphere conveyed by director
Nikolaus Lehnhoff and his set designer.

Composer: Richard Strauss, Richard Strauss
Title: Elektra
Conductor: Gatti, Daniele, Gatti, Daniele
Staged By: Nikolaus Lehnhoff, Nikolaus Lehnhoff
Soloist: Anita Watson, Eva-Maria Westbroek, Irene Theorin, Oliver Zwarg, René Pape, Robert Gambill, Waltraud Meier
Set: Raimund Bauer, Raimund Bauer
Orchestra: Wiener Philharmoniker, Wiener Philharmoniker
Chorus: KV Wiener Staatsopernchor, KV Wiener Staatsopernchor
Video Director: Thomas Grimm, Thomas Grimm
Genre: Opera
Length: 108 minutes
Cat.No.: A04001539
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