The Lehár Gala from the Semperoper Dresden

German Television's traditional and most successful New Year's Eve concert from the stunning Semperoper will feature this year no less than Angela Denoke, Piotr Beczala and Ana Maria Labin. Maestro Christian Thielemann and the Staatskapelle Dresden will celebrate the New Year's Eve with the most beautiful melodies from operetta and opera.

Composer: Franz Lehár
Title: The Lehár Gala from the Semperoper Dresden
Conductor: Christian Thielemann
Soloist: Angela Denoke, Ana Maria Labin, Piotr Beczała
Orchestra: Staatskapelle Dresden
Chorus: Sächsischer Staatsopernchor Dresden
Video Director: Hannes Rossacher
Genre: Concert
Length: 94 minutes
Cat.No.: A055134870000
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