Zwei Leben

A former East German spy in Norway, has built her entire life on a fake identity but slowly all the lies and deceit are unraveled and she stands to lose everything.

Starring Juliane Köhler (NOWHERE IN AFRICA), Liv Ullmann and Ken Duken (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS).


Title: Zwei Leben
Genre: Drama
Length: two hours minutes
Cat.No.: A 050 18931
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“A great, disturbing cinematic tale of recent history ... as if made especially for an international audience
...we plead for an Oscar.”

“ A most suspenseful thriller about espionage, family and the late consequences of wartime crime.”

“An utterly fantastical story rendered utterly plausible, and gripping. The convolutions of the story are so elegantly laid out, the viewer kept so off balance, and the intrigues so compounded, that the result is a film of multiple layers and multiple mysteries.” (INDIEWIRE)