La Fille mal gardée (The Unchaperoned Daughter)

Premiered in Bordeaux two weeks before the storming of the Bastille, "La
fille mal gardée" is the only classic 18th-century ballet still in the
repertoire today. Critics found that the naturalness, sensitivity and humor
of Heinz Spoerli's 1981 staging make it superior to the benchmark staging
by Sir Frederick Ashton, who brought the work back to life and worldwide
fame in 1960.

Composer: Ferdinand Hérold
Title: La Fille mal gardée (The Unchaperoned Daughter)
Conductor: John Lanchbery
Soloist: Valentina Koslova, Chris Jensen, Otto Ris, Heinz Spoerli, Martin Schläpfer
Orchestra: Wiener Symphoniker
Choreography: Heinz Spoerli
Danced by: Basler Ballett
Video Director: José Montes Baquer
Genre: Ballet
Length: 77 minutes
Cat.No.: A05005822
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