Der Graf von Luxemburg

With its charmingly romantic theme, effective stage action and abundance of
spirited and delicate moods, this Parisian-flavorerd libretto gave Maestro
Lehár every opportunity to display his talent. Lehár completed this
operetta in only three weeks in 1909 and at first referred to it himself as
"a slovenly piece of work". Once again, however, impulsiveness and
spontaneity proved to be the ingredients of an outright success. "The Count
of Luxembourg" is - with regard to its inventiveness, originality and
instrumental coloring - on a par with Lehár's other international

Composer: Franz Lehár
Title: Der Graf von Luxemburg
Conductor: Walter Goldschmidt
Staged By: Wolfgang Glück
Soloist: Eberhard Waechter, Lilian Sukis, Erich Kunz, Kurt Sowinetz
Set: Gerd Staub
Orchestra: Symphonieorchester Kurt Graunke
Video Director: Wolfgang Glück
Genre: Operetta
Length: 95 minutes
Cat.No.: A05004519
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This production is released on DVD by Dreamlife in Japan.