Der Zarewitsch

With his operetta "Der Zarewitsch" (The Czarevitch), premiered in 1927,
Franz Lehár was able to repeat the success of "Paganini" (world premiere
in 1925), his first large operetta created especially for Richard Tauber.
Arthur Maria Rabenalt's stylish television adaptation, with icon-covered
walls, a birch forest and perhaps the most beautiful romantic duets of all
of Lehár's operettas, is not only a feast for the eyes but for the ears as
well. Teresa Stratas and Wiesław Ochman make a simply enchanting couple
through their singing, appearance and acting talent.

Composer: Franz Lehár
Title: Der Zarewitsch
Conductor: Willy Mattes
Staged By: Arthur Maria Rabenalt
Soloist: Wiesław Ochman, Teresa Stratas, Harald Juhnke, Birke Bruck, Paul Esser, Lukas Ammann
Set: Otto Pischinger
Orchestra: Symphonieorchester Kurt Graunke
Video Director: Arthur Maria Rabenalt
Genre: Operetta
Length: 91 minutes
Cat.No.: A05004520
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The DVD is also released by Dreamlife in Japan.